[July 5-9] Resistance: the design of Houses of Parliament in Jamaica 2017-2019. Paper presented at the 45th Annual Conference of the Society for Caribbean Studies (UK). Online. Link.

[May 31st] Espaces de la dette : diplomatie, finance et industrie de la construction en Jamaïque. Convened by Luis Mora Rodríguez.Institut d’Études Avancées de Nantes. France. Link

[April 28] Planting Architectures of Debt: Diplomacy, Finance and the Construction Industry in the Caribbean. Paper presented at the 75th Annual International Conference of the Society of Architectural Historians. Pittsburgh, United States. Recipient of the 2022 SAH Annual Conference Senior Fellowship. Link.


[November 30] Continuous Reconfigurations. Conference for the Sustainable Tourism, Optimal Resource and Environmental Management Project (STOREM), Universidad Nacional, Chorotega Campus, Nicoya, Guanacaste.

[November 5] Learning to see, Chapter presentation for the online launch of Visual Research Methods in Architecture (Intellect, 2021) edited by Igea Troiani and Susanne Ewing.

[October 8] The Gesture, A Celebration of the Life and Work of Mark Cousins, Autumn symposium organised by Architectural Association School of Architecture, London. Link.

[September 2] Arquitectura, Antropoceno y Geopolítica (in Spanish) Webinar organised by Centro de Estudios Mexicanos UNAM and Oficina de Asuntos Internacionales UCR. YouTube UNAM Costa Rica and FacebookLive OAICE Universidad de Costa Rica

[August 19] Arquitectura regalada, el Estadio Nacional de Costa Rica y la República Popular China (2007-2011) (in Spanish). Virtual Conferences on China, YouTube Live. Organised by Red Académica Latino Americanista sobre Estudios Sinológicos, University of Costa Rica. Convened by Lai Sai Acón and Ricardo Ramírez. Link

[July 5-7] Colonial space-time: China and the Jamaican Parliament. Seminar on Society, Economy and Urban Development on the Caribbean. Faculty of Geography and History, University of Seville. Convened by Emilio Luque Azcona. Programme (in Spanish).

[July 1st] Architectural Association Caribbean Global Forum. Programme The event comprises three sessions focusing on contemporary issues relevant to the region: Urban Development and the Sustainable Growth of Cities; Natural Disasters and Resiliency; and Advanced Methodology of Design and its Adaptability to the Caribbean Environment.


[November 11]  Architecture of Interdependencies, China and Jamaica: 2005-2019. Online Transversal Dialogues convened by José Enrique Delmonte and organised by Palm Foundation, Dominican Republic. FacebookLive Fundación Palm and Youtube Fundación Palm

[February 28] Bridges and Enclaves: The Biomuseum in Panama City,  Caribbean School of Architecture, University of Technology, Kingston, Jamaica. 

[February 21] So, what’s the Project? Faculty of the Built Environment, University of Technology, Kingston, Jamaica.

[March 3] Conversation with Ph.D. Candidates, MPhil/Ph.D. Programme  Faculty of the Built Environment, University of Technology, Kingston, Jamaica. Convened by Patricia Green.  


[January 29] Contemporary architecture in China, preliminary observations. Universidad Veritas, San José, Costa Rica.

[January 16-19]  “Right here, Right there:” regionalisms in China’s foreign aid projects I International Congress of Colonial and Postcolonial Landscapes: architecture, cities, infrastructures. Organised by Dinamia Centre of Socioeconomic and Territorial Studies, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon. Programme

[January 16-19]  ​China in African, Latin American and Caribbean territories: Examining spatial transformations around diplomacy and economic aid, Co-chaired session at I International Congress of Colonial and Postcolonial Landscapes: architecture, cities, infrastructures. Organised by Dinamia Centre of Socioeconomic and Territorial Studies, Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, Lisbon. Programme


[November 11] Preliminary observations on contemporary architecture in China. Organised by AEDA Students’ Association,  School of Architecture, University of Costa Rica, San José. 

[June 25] A glimpse at the contemporary Central American Region.  Master’s Programme in Urban Planning. Organised by Prof. Wang Xingping, Southeast University, Nanjing. 

[March 15] Think of this, when they give you a building, what are they giving you? the National Stadium of Costa Rica 2007-11.  Piensa en esto: ¿Qué te regalan cuando te regalan un edificio?  Keynote Speaker, II Research Simposium, School of Architecture and Urbanism, Instituto Tecnológico de Costa Rica. San José, Costa Rica


[Septiembre 6-8] Architecture and the migration of forms. Iconoclasm and Iconodulia, VII History of Art Simposium Universidad de los Andes, Bogotá. Programme


[October 10-12] Coloniailty of knowledge, nature and architecture: the Biomuseum in Panama City. Mundo, imperios y naciones: la redefinición del arte colonial, XL Art History International Colloquium, Institute of Aesthetic Research, UNAM, Mexico City. Presentation

[October 4-7] The instrumentalisation of cultural exchange, the new National Stadium in Costa Rica, IV Rethinking Latin America Colloquium, Research Centre on Identity and Latin American Culture, University of Costa Rica.

[September 21] Image and the production of architecture. Roundtable: Forms of art as forms of knowledge, philosophical challenges posed by the epistemologies of artistic processes. Closing event at XXII Philosophical Research Study Days, School of Philosophy, University of Costa Rica.

[July 13] Architecture and State Power : the Costa Rican Parliament Project. ICOMOS-Costa Rica. 

[April 26] Architecture as Gift. Central American History Research Centre, University of Costa Rica.

[April 6-10] The Imperative of the Generic in the Diplimatic Gift: The Chinese Stadium in Costa Rica. 2016 Society of Architectural Historians International Conference, Pasadena, L.A. Programme


[December 14]. Rendering. Interdisciplinary Network of Discourse Studies. Convened by Adrián Vergara. University of Costa Rica.

[September 3] The coming project. Spanish Cultural Center in Costa Rica. Programme and News

[June 15] Key texts by Claire Bishop. Organised by Fundación TEOR/ética and University of Costa Rica.

[April 8] En nombre de lo singular: el Biomuseo en Panamá.  “Facades” Series. Convened by Alejandra Celedón, Facultad de Arquitectura de la Universidad de San Sebastián. Santiago, Chile. News 

[January 12] Learning to See: the Visual Autobiography of Otto Neurath.  Ph.D Seminar Series, Architectural Association School of Architecture, London. Programme


[September 23] Otto Neurath’s Political Graphologies. Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Costa Rica.

[April 23] Mimian Hsu in conversation with Valeria Guzmán and Doreen Bernath, TEOR/ética Foundation , San José, Costa Rica. Convened by Gabriela Sáenz.

[March 19-21] Seeing and Reasoning in Architecture. What Images Do Symposium, The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Schools of Architecture, Design and Conservation. Copenhagen. Presentation.


[May 10] Typology and the Grid. AAPhD Dialogues 2013: The Grid, Architectural Association, London. http://www.aaschool.ac.uk/VIDEO/lecture.php?ID=2121


[September 28] Form and Fact. Forum for Interdisciplinary Dialogue, Jefferson Scholars Foundation, University of Virginia, USA. 

[October]The City as Infoscape. Instituto Tecnológico de Monterrey, Campus Cuernavaca, Mexico. 

[October] Wiki-city. Universidad Autónoma de Queretaro, Mexico.

[October 10] The Image of Fact, XXXVI Art History International Colloquium. Instituto de Investigaciones Estéticas, UNAM, Mexico. Presentation

[April] Experiments on architectural drawings. Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Costa Rica.


[June 1] Obstructions. Training as architect, thinking about architecture. I Interventions and Debates Series. School of Architecture, University of Costa Rica.


The statistical layout or how to make use of information. Histories and Theories Diploma course: China and the Pictorial Introjection, Architectural Association.


[May 2] Based on Facts. Critique of the New Symposium. Architectural Association.


The Faraway. Architectural Association / Open University Postgraduate Research Seminar. Architectural Association.