On surfing, yoga, and suffocation on the North Pacific coast of Costa Rica. CCA, Canadian Centre for Architecture. English and French. July 2022.

[July 5-9] Resistance: the design of Houses of Parliament in Jamaica 2017-2019. Paper presented at the 45th Annual Conference of the Society for Caribbean Studies (UK). Online. Link. [May 31st] Espaces de la dette : diplomatie, finance et industrie de la construction en Jamaïque. Convened by Luis Mora Rodríguez.Institut d’Études Avancées de Nantes. France. Link…

Courses taught 2001-22

A collaboration with Ethnography Studio and Theory of Architecture II, UCR. 2021

Otto Neurath’s Visual Autobiography, Intellect, UK. August 2021. English.

Speaking to your image. Collective written exercise during COVID. 2021

[November 30] Continuous Reconfigurations. Conference for the Sustainable Tourism, Optimal Resource and Environmental Management Project (STOREM), Universidad Nacional, Chorotega Campus, Nicoya, Guanacaste. [November 5] Learning to see, Chapter presentation for the online launch of Visual Research Methods in Architecture (Intellect, 2021) edited by Igea Troiani and Susanne Ewing. [October 8] The Gesture, A Celebration of…

Commentary for SOAS China Institute University of London. July 2021. English.

Conceptualised by Valeria Guzmán and Luis Durán.

An Encounter between a Chinese Stadium and a Costa Rican Volcano on a Geophysicist’s Monitor. Society of Architectural Historians of Great Britain. English, 2021.

China and the National Stadium in Costa Rica, 2007–11, Architectural History Journal 63. English, 2020.

China and Jamaica 2005-2019. Transversal Dialogues, Palm Foundation. Spanish, 2020.

[November 11]  Architecture of Interdependencies, China and Jamaica: 2005-2019. Online Transversal Dialogues convened by José Enrique Delmonte and organised by Palm Foundation, Dominican Republic. FacebookLive Fundación Palm and Youtube Fundación Palm [February 28] Bridges and Enclaves: The Biomuseum in Panama City,  Caribbean School of Architecture, University of Technology, Kingston, Jamaica.  [February 21] So, what’s the Project? Faculty…

Conceptualised by Valeria Guzmán and Luis Durán.

Hannah Meszaros Martin, Goldsmiths University of London, 2019.

In tandem with my research and teaching practices, I have convened a number of lectures, roundtables, design workshops and architectural-theory seminars with invited architects, scholars and artists. Most of these events resulted in some form of publication under my direction and with the collaboration of students and editors.