Emotional Capital and Other Ontologies of the Architect

Menna Agha, architect and researcher, Carleton University, 2021.

Within the Theory of Architecture II course at the School of Architecture of the University of Costa Rica, we were privileged to host Dr. Menna Agha, who examined how the architectural profession is dominated by Euro-Western knowledge systems and considered other ways of space-making, from positions of:

  • displacement
  • incompleteness of the modern project
  • subaltern construction
  • invisibility as an architectural value
  • oral histories and architectures of care

In English with Spanish subtitles / En inglés con subtítulos en español

Menna is an architect and researcher with a Ph.D from the University of Antwerp in Belgium and a Master’s Degree from the Köln International School of Design in Germany. In 2020 she held a Spatial Justice Fellowship at the University of Oregon and currently she is running a Design Workshop at the University of Antwerp on Undercommoning Design.

Link to the text under discussion: Agha, M. “Emotional Capital and Other Ontologies of the Architect.”  Architectural Histories, 8(1), 2020.