The Moment of Truth

El momento de la verdad Reinhold Martin
Revistarquis 2, Journal of the School of Architecture-University of Costa Rica
Spanish 2012.

“The moment of truth occurs when you have no choice but to choose ‘affirmation or refusal, yes or no, up or down’. No surfing, no hedging. It’s a bit like stepping into a voting booth, with the caveat that various architectural fragments still exist which in one way or another have cast their vote for what Fredric Jameson has off handedly called the ‘party of Utopia’. In that sense, a ‘realist’ engagement with powers that be can still glimpse a ‘utopian’ alternative, however dim its light or vague its outline. Like the act of voting ‘of deciding, of commiting to something’ design is fraught with compromises and aporias. Still, the architectural imagination must remain open to the simple truth that the world of corporate globalization, of ‘junkspace’ and of an apparently permanent state of emergency is not the only world posible, nor is it the best of possible worlds.”